The life of aboriginal artist Junnoy Murriwan (English Name - Alison Buchanan), is so moving and an inspiration to all people.  Ali’s dad rowing up the Nambucca Heads River with his wife to give birth Alison sets the background, living in his land of the Gumbaynggirr coastal aboriginal people.

Chosen to exhibit at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games brought Alison to the city.  The innocence of witnessing an aboriginal girl from the bush, jumping into the front line of technology is a pleasure to observe.  The Alison Buchanan Gallery Australia’s largest most prestige solo art gallery.

The art world has responded to Alison’s art with excitement.  Precision and fluidity unfolded in this spiritual art, with stories of love and respect for nature and life, reflecting the coastal colours and surroundings a unique art blending the horizons of 2010 with traditional flavours of the past, present and future.

Alison established an aboriginal art print company INDIGETEC PTY LTD.  Ten years of hard work and dedication has created a national and international success story, with over 100 selected outlets world wide offering Alison’s art.

The demand for Alison’s originals from 1998 to 2010 has launched Alison to be one of the most current successful Australian aboriginal artist.  Exhibitions and exposure has raised emotions where women could not speak.  This emotion is so rare and is a sign of extraordinary art.

So with spellbound curators, speechless women in her wake, Alison prepares for her 2010 World Voyage Exhibition as Captain Alison Buchanan, Aboriginal Artist.

Alison Buchanan Aboriginal Artist